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Wittmann dryer manual

3 IPC control system). 1 Technology Park Drive Torrington, CT 06790 USA TFinfo. 1 Return air 2 Process air 3 SmartFlow 4 Process air heater 5 Take- off adapter 6 Plastic resin SILMAX E100 to E1200 Drying Hoppers.
Controlled discharged valve for the efficient purging after the loading cycle ( in connection with WITTMANN M7. Wittmann Kunststoffgeräte GmbH reserves the right to make changes to any part of this training manual without prior notice. However, this isn’ t the case for the plastics. Consult Wittmann' s entire Drying catalogue on DirectIndustry.

DRYMAX ES40 Dry Air Dryer The DRYMAX ES 40 compact dry air dryers are equipped with one desiccant bed and provide a dry air volume of 40 m3/ h. PDC Portable Drying Conveyors The PDC compact dryer option enables the highest flexibility with the integration of a side channel blower and the connection of up to two material consumers. The dryer and all the conveying units can be controlled and operated individually. Midwest Tech Center 1620 Shanahan Drive South Elgin, ILTF. When it comes to consumer goods, the methods that are generally used to determine energy consumption are standardized and understandable. The DRYMAX Series dry air dryers are equipped with two desiccant beds to supply continuous dry process air and constant quality for the perfect drying of plastic resin.

Consult Wittmann' s entire Dryers catalogue on DirectIndustry. Us @ wittmann- group. Highest flexibility, capacity and energy efficiency. 1 Return air 2 Process air 3 SmartFlow 4 Process air heater DRYMAX dryers and SILMAX drying hoppers: the essential standard in modern plastics processing. Cycle ( in connection with WITTMANN M7.

All drying hoppers are included as a standard with a manual. Wittmann dryer manual. WITTMANN DRYMAX DRYERS COMPLETE WITH ENERGY RATING New: The WITTMANN Energy Rating Label. This training manual was carefully prepared; however, Wittmann GmbH assumes no liability for any errors or any direct or indirect harm resulting from use of this training manual.